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VIP Party Bus Spokane delivers a unique experience catered to you and your group.  

Whether you're planning a fun night out, or an intimate evening with loved ones, VIP Party Bus Spokane can deliver the ultimate experience with professionalism and attention to service.

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About Us

In early 2015, after many successful years in the hospitality and travel industry, we decided to begin building our first “Party Bus”. We have continued making updates to our vehicles that customers thoroughly enjoy, and looking forward to making great memories for you!

Professional Drivers

Not just anyone can drive our vehicles. Beyond CDL certifications, and training, we hire those with the personality, and presentation to fit the unique needs of our guests.  

1st impressions can make a difference, so our drivers are trained to greet you with a smile, dress professionally, and promote an atmosphere that is fun and inviting for all ages and backgrounds.

Safety will always remain our first priority. Our VIP Party Bus drivers are skillful in determining potential hazards or situations that may arise before they become a threat, and are trained to put safety first to  avoid any situations that can be harmful to the customer, themselves, the equipment, or our local communities.

Custom Vehicles

We know that everyone has a different definition for “Fun”, so we have customized our vehicles where they are unique in their own way, and provide multiple options for comfort, functionality, and entertainment, making your event one they will always remember. 

The “Entertainment Bus” is our most functional bus, with multiple phone charging areas, booth style seats & tables up front, a separate prep area for pizza, cakes, etc., storage lockers,  a VIP area in the rear, and party lights all around!

The “Onyx Bus” is our newest addition, and is the largest, most elegant bus in our fleet. It will , comfortably seat 36 people, with party lights, a booming sound system, and is built to transport lots of people in style!. 

Make us a part of your next event and we guarantee you’ll have a good time!

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Night Parties

A night party with VIP Party Bus Spokane is the funnest, and safest way to have fun and ride through the city.  

We can take you North, East, South, and West to make sure everyone knows how much fun you’re having. 

For an average of about $5 per person/per hour, you can get more than “Just a ride”.  Let the Party lights glow, and stream your favorite tunes on our booming system, while you and your crew cruise around the city, and make appearances at your favorite destinations!

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If you are needing large group transport where the bride and her big dress have room to play, we are here to help! We will get everyone there safely and you will probably have a little fun along the way.

Whether you need us for the Bachelor/Bachelorette party, transport to and from the wedding, or to and from the reception, we are ready to handle just about any part of your wedding festivities.

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I’m sure you’ve seen us there! CDA, Northern Quest, The Black Pearl, and the many locations the Northwest has to offer. 

Best of all, our bus can stay on site the entire time, ready when each person from your group has won enough, and ready to get back on the bus!

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We love birthdays! We’ve seen them all and love celebrating these great times with you!

We have had many birthday bashes for all ages (Minimum age 13)..

The Entertainment Bus is great option when you want to bring cakes, pizza, and drinks, with a spacious kitchen prep area, tables and booth style seats up front, VIP sectional in the rear, and storage lockers to pack whatever you need to have a great time.

We can pick you up, drive to pickup more friends, hang out, play some music, & cruise around, all while you eat snacks & cookies and open your best gifts!

Book enough time, and we can even take people home after the party ( They will love you for a lifetime!)

We can’t wait to do another birthday party! 

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What an exciting time for young party goers, and we know they like to have fun!

Any one of our buses will give you the entertainment amenities, spacious & stylish design, and functionality to make sure you have the most fun, and a safe night that you will always remember.

Once your friends hear that you have one of our buses, we are sure that they will think it is “so cool” if they can ride with you!

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Airport Transfers

 Book one of our Buses for basic transport to and from the airport. We have had much success and the savings can be worth while, as we will get you where you, and your luggage need to go safely.

Our Entertainment Bus does have interior luggage storage in the front, as well as space in the rear where we have transported 20 or more people with luggage.

Please contact with as much detail as possible so we can deliver the best experience for your group.


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